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Travel Benefits are just like any other employer provided group benefits for which you make after tax payroll contributions. The savings become plan asset and TRAVISURE, a third party administrator, administer Travel Benefits. Employees provide contributions and also let TRAVISURE know about their travel wishist. TRAVISURE  will then use these  plan assets to better negotiate with the vacation service providers such as airline consolidators, airlines, hotel, vacations companies, rental car companies et cetera.


We will also open the wishlist to vacation service providers and let them compete to provide you your Travel Benefits.

What are Travel Benefits?

Employers provide certain benefits to retain employees



Health Benefits                                              Welfare Benefits


Medical                                                              Life Insurance, LTD, STD

Vision                                                                 Adoption or maternity

Dental                                                                Tuition

Prescription Drug                                           Personal Umbrella

                                                                             Financial Counseling

                                                                             Pre paid legal

                                                                             Travel Benefits (Administered by TRAVISURE )




•    A benefit just like any other group benefits: Medical, Dental, Life Insurance et cetera

•    Pay for it now from your payroll/checking and use it later. After tax contributions

•    Plan and slowly pay for your vacation and build travel dollars

•    You decide the contribution for you and your family

•    Your accumulated contribution never lapses. Benefits guaranteed or money back (with interest)

•    Benefits include anything related to travel, leisure or entertainment

•    Never look for vacation deals. Create vacation wish list and just wait for companies to offer vacation





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