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There is no doubt that voluntary benefits* have moved into the benefits mainstream. Today, voluntary benefits are rightly regarded as a high value benefit strategy by both employers and their employees. Employers are adding voluntary benefits to their benefits programs in a big way - with 47% planning to add more voluntary benefits in the next two years.*


*11th Annual Study of Employee Benefits Trends, MetLife 2013.

Why should employers offer Travel Benefits to their employees?

Employees want more choice and customization in their benefits*


*10th Annual MetLife Study of Employee Benefits Trends, 2012

What percentage of employers feel that their company is very loyal to their employees?


What percentage of employees feel that their employer is very loyal to them?


Employees depend on benefits. Balance benefits satisfaction with their willingness to pay.


Choice allows customization with loyalty pay-offs. Employees who are very satisfied with the range of voluntary benefits offered are nearly twice as loyal as those who are not satisfied.


Position benefit features to reflect the age and life-stages of today’s diverse workforce.

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