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About Us

•    TRAVISURE, is a (TPA) company that administers Travel Savings and Travel Benefits plans

•    A conduit company between vacationers and vacation service providers

•    A company that will help you realize the benefits of traveling by providing you pre-paid, debt free vacations

•    Set money aside now with Travisure and take vacation later

•    Our members set aside money for their future travel now with Travisure and take vacation later


•    We also give interest on the savings to our members

They say "travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer". What prevents you from getting richer?


Is it the ecstacy of finding that elusive deal?

Or is it the agony of paying for your vacations after taking the vacation?


Now you don't have to worry about finding the deals or worry about paying for your vacation after the fact. TRAVISURE will help you plan, save and go on a debt-free, pre-paid vacation.


TRAVISURE is an end-to-end Travel & Leisure administration company. We have two seperate units. The Travel Savings/Travel Benefits Plan administration unit and the Travel Agency unit. The Travel Agency strictly serves our members. These services are not available to general public.


We are a part of Cruises & Tours Unlimited, a $100 million cruise and tour operating company and a top producer for all major cruise lines. We have a strong purchasing and barganing power to provide our members with an exceptionally priced vacations. We have negotiated excellent rates with cruise lines, airline consolidators, hotels, vacation companies, rental car companies and others and pass on the discounts, rebates and special rates to our members. We are's top ranked vacation service providers.
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