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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently asked questions are listed questions and answers.

Travel Savings/Travel Benefits

What is Travel Savings?

Travel Savings is a savings plan for individuals whose company does not offer Travel Benefits as a group benefit. You can contribute any amount toward your future pre-paid, debt-free travel.

What is Travel Benefit?

It is a benefit just like any other employer offered benefits, such as Medical, Dental, Vision, Life et cetera.

What comes under Travel Benefits?

Anything related to travel, leisure, entertainment, vacations, getaways, wine & dine, orchestra, concert will be covered under Travel Benefits.

My Employer does not offer Travel Benefits. How can I participate?

You can sign up for individual Travel Benefit plan through us, just like what you would do if you did not have health coverage. Also talk to your HR department to consider offering Travel Benefits during open enrollment.


TRAVISURE is a third party administrator (TPA)–not insurance–of the Travel Benefits that its members are enrolled into. TRAVISURE is just like any other administrator that administers various self-insured claims and employee benefit program.

How does the Travel Benefits program administered by TRAVISURE work?

Very Simple. Just like you make premium payments to your life insurer or any other insurance company, you can set aside your travel budget and start to save through us.

Why should I save through TRAVISURE if I can do that on my own?

Good question. You save through us because we administer benefits to a large member base, managing big dollars and so we have a better negotiating power to get you vacations.

Still not convinced. Why should I save through TRAVISURE if I can do that on my own?

You save through us because your money grows with us. You can get your money back with interest.

What will be the interest payment?

It depends what our interest rate component is at the time you sign up for the T&L benefit. It could be the dividend yield of S&P 500 or the Wall Street Journal prime interest rate. Around 2.5% to 3% today.

Can I get my money back anytime without asking any question?

Yes you can. We will also make sure that you get more than what you paid. We give interest on money saved with us.

Can I use the dollars in my TRAVISURE account only for travel & leisure purposes?

Yes. However we don't care if you use the withdrawn money for home remodeling, tax payment or next car installment. We expect members to save toward T&L and use this service to enjoy travel and vacation.

Is Travel Benefits administered by TRAVISURE a vacation savings plan?

Yes you can say that. It helps you to plan and save in advance for your vacations and you get the benefit of being part of a bigger pool.

How much should I save monthly? What should be my budget?

You have to come up with the budget depending upon your individual or family circumstances and financial conditions. It is very important to save enough and still not be stretched and then let Travisure do the negotiating with Vacation Service Providers (VSPs).

If I save money and that is not enough, what should I do?

We expect you to save enough for vacation. If it is not enough and you need to pay a little bit more for the vacation, then you have to make up for the difference. If you want to go to Europe, then save accordingly.

Does TRAVISURE find vacations for us?

TRAVISURE opens the pool of dollars and your wishlist for competition. Vacation Service Providers (VSPs) then design vacations for you. Instead of you finding deals, VSPs will offer you the best possible deal.


TRAVISURE also is a full service Travel Agency and you can use our Agency to find any travel needs.

Why Vacation Service Providers (VSPs) will compete?

VSPs will compete to lay their hands on the dollars we manage. Also, competition will result in the best possible deal for members.

Why should I participate in Travel Benefits program?

Because you will be part of the bigger group. Because you will plan and save in advance without stretching. And also because your money will grow with us. We will make your travel dollars to go farther and longer.

Why will VSPs participate?

Because we have the dollars. Because we will provide them with sustainable and predictable revenue through our program. They can sell their unused capacity to our members at the best possible rate.

Is there any contract I have to sign?

We hate contracts. We just hate 'em like Indiana Jones hates snakes.


However any benefits are offered for a year through any employers. We adivce you to ask your HR department to cancel if it is between start and end of the plan year.

I am planning to go to a honeymoon. How will it work?

Just open an account with TRAVISURE and create your wishlist and start saving towards your honeymoon. You can send your wishlist to your guests and they can contribute towards your honeymoon.

Can I contribute in someone else's Travel Benefits Accounts?

If they have an account with us, you can gift them any amount. Managers can send travel dollars to employees as appreciation. You can give Travel Benefits/Travel Savings dollars to your baby sitter. Or if you feel good about yourself, well, make an extra payment.

Why should I go on a vacation? Can't I use the money to buy an iPad?

You can, if you feel that way. Take vacations and collect experiences. Not possessions. Remember possessions possess you.

What is the thing I can buy?

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you rich - Very famous saying.

How much do I know?

He who does not travel does not know the value of men - Moorish proverb.

How do I spread my life?

Travel is to spread your life all over the world - Taxi Driver wisdom.

Why should I travel? I can watch Hulu or play games on iPad?

Traveling gives us the opportunity to disconnect from our regular life; Vacation prevents you from burn out; Traveling increases our knowledge and widens our perspective; New experiences increase our resourcefulness; When traveling with friends or family it creates memories for a lifetime.


Did you check you blood pressure? Well...if it is high, get ready to travel.

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