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Your employee travel benefit program.


The best employee benefits improve employee engagement and retention which helps your business stay competitive in our global marketplace.


Attract Motivate Reward Retain


Employee benefit studies have shown that year after year that the top challenges facing the organizations are:


•    Attract best employees while keeping the cost of benefits low
•    Motivate employees and increase productivity
•    Reward employees and increase loyalty and enhance job satisfaction
•    Retain good employees while reducing turnover


Travel Benefits will help you tackle these challenges by offering employees an option to enroll and contribute towards their future vacations. Travel Benefits is a voluntary benefit just like any other employer provided benefits.

Travel Benefits

Employees don’t just shop companies, they shop benefits. Help your employees plan their vacations just like you do their retirement

Employees are working harder than ever.

Studies show that employees are working harder and longer than ever. As a result, employee stress and turnover is at an all-time high, while employee effectiveness and job satisfaction continue to decline.*


Travel Benefits is a benefit just like any employer provided benefit. Employees enroll in the program at open enrollment and save toward their future leisure travel. Travel Benefits is an important way to attract, motivate, reward and retain employees.


*The Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index

*2012 Employee Job Satisfaction and Engagement: A Research Report by SHRM

Attract   employees and gain a competitive advantage:



How can employers help employees with their vacation when:
•    76% of employees are living paycheck-to-paycheck*
•    95% of employees don’t have the discipline to save for travel
•    80% of employees put the cost of their vacation on a credit card
•    95% of employees would travel if they had the time and money


*Survey by

Offer a pre-paid travel saving plan through Travel Benefits and

•    Provide your employees to save for travel
•    Allow your employees to relax and enjoy a trip that is pre-paid
•    Offer your employees a debt-free vacation
•    Create a competitive advantage for recruiting new employees

Give your employees something they can’t get anywhere else, a debt-free, pre-paid trip

Motivate   employees and maximize profits:



How do companies increase productivity when:
•    Longer hours yield stress-out employees with lower quality work
•    Most employees feel their company doesn’t  care about their efforts
•    80% of employees report a more positive outlook after a vacation
•    Companies buy or give back $21 billion in unused vacation

Motivate your employees with incentives and
•    Offer travel rewards for improved performance
•    Provide a benefit that your employees want as much as cash
•    Pay for their trip and make their dream vacation a reality
•    Buy back your employee’s unused vacation time

For every $1 employers spend on travelbenefits or travel related program, they get much more in return

Reward employees and make a difference in their lives:



How do employers help their employees find the best travel rates when
•    A great trip is too expensive for most employees
•    The search for the lowest price is time consuming
•    Employees never know if they are getting the best value
•    Travel prices are always changing

Offer Travel Benefits. The best public prices are guaranteed
•    Take advantage of our group discounts
•    Gain access to supplier targeted promotions
•    Receive better discounts with pre-paid travel
•    Cash in on last-minute specials

An appreciation of your employees goes a long way in terms of creating loyalty

Retain employees and reduce turnover:



How do companies retain their employees when
•    Average turnover rate in America is 10%
•    Cost of turnover is approximately 25% of an employee’s salary
•    70% of employees don’t have a balance between work and personal life
•    20% of employees report feeling guilty for taking a vacation from work

Retain employees by contributing to your employee’s next trip and
•    Show that your company cares about each employees and their family
•    Offer a benefit that includes a savings plan with discount travel
•    Match employees contributions and create loyalty
•    Retain your employees longer than the industry average

Travel Benefits creates loyalty, reduces turnover and enhances the lives of your employees

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